Summer of 2013 - Autumn.

November, 1st, 2013.

Well, finally the summer of '13 is over.  In many ways we can call this a summer of terror weatherwise.  One of the poorest summer to show up on the island for decades.  Hardly a ray of sun to show up the whole summer just more or less constantly covered sky, rain and wind.  This september a fierce storm brewed up in the Atlantic and hit the island.  The wind in Hamarsfjordur fjord on the east coast reaching the second highest windgust ever recorded on lowland, 70,4 m/sec, the older record at the same place 70,6 m/sec.  Tourist getting into serious troubles in wrecked rental cars, having the rescue teams coming for them while in dire straits.  Sadly, an American hiker is still lost on the higland probably from this september  weather.


From this summer's newspaper, Ingólfur the first settler and his wife Hallveig:


"Really Ingólfur, you could have discovered The Canary Islands."



Really Ingolfur, you could have discovered the Canary islands.











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