Inland winter tour.

November 19th, 2012.


     Just back from a two days winter tour up to a hut in the center of the island in a convoy of 10 superjeeps. One of the far worst snowstorms hit us in the afternoon as driving through a mountain pass on the way to the hut and to cover the last 3 km took us around 5 hours, far less than a walking speed, more like a crawling speed.  Then a truly unique night in the snowstorm in the hut with a group of around 30 people.  The day after started with the storm not much better, the superjeeps nothing less than some lumps of ice which had to be beaten of the undercarriage with a sledge hammer or axes.  Then finally we drove out of the storm into this magical winter wonderland.  As the route we took earlier to the hut was hardly passable because of the snowstorm still raging in the pass, an alternative route eastbound had to be taken and on the way we had to cross Þjórsá, the largest river on the island, on ice to get back to civilasation.  Truly an adventure at it's wildest side.  More photos to follow...


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