Meteor shower

Desember, 14th, 2012.

     Quite a spectacular nightsky last night.


Stjörnuhrap 1Stjörnuhrap 2Stjörnuhrap 3Stjörnuhrap 5Stjörnuhrap 4



Desember, 13th, 2012.

     So, tonight it is.  Tonight and tomorrow earth will be travelling through the icy tail of a star named 3200 Phaethon resulting in shooting stars from its tail, named Geminites burning up in the athmosphere.  The weatherforcast perfect, clear sky and the moon diminished, not to disturb the wiew to the sky.  So up with the helmet and out of town to a volcanotop just out of Reykjavík for the splendid wiew.


Oktober, 16th, 2012. 


     A meteor shower is to hit the earth coming mid desember and is expected to be particulary visible here in Iceland.  People interested in observational astronomy have already started to plan their visit to the island not to miss this event but this meteor shower has been given the name Geminites.  I'm skating on a bit of a thin ice with this, both the language and the astronomy and will have to ask you to pardon me on this but I guess we will know more about this event as we get closer to desember.  So perhaps a vise thing to bring a helmet those of you coming to the island in desember.Eek


     Perhaps one thing to mention.  The northern lights are at the top of their peak now and are very active over the island this and the next year.  Last days have been cold with clear sky and the northern lights display quite a delight to watch.


November, 13th, 2012.

     Well, yeat another meteor shower to hit us this weekend.  Every 33 years the earth passes through the trail of the comet Temple Tuttle  and this is namely happening coming weekend.  These metors in Tempel Tuttel's trail are named Leonids and this weekend the light coming from the moon is to be low not to damage the visibility to the sky so this weekend we should have extra good conditions to witness this... if the weather allows.  I'm on my way to spend the weekend in the fresh powder snow up in the highland, staying in a hut pinpointed almost in the center of the island so if not clowdy I should have a spectacular meteor show in the night sky to watch. .. and lot of wishes to make... 

     The peek of this event will be on the 17th. and 18th. nov. and the shower will be best wisible to the south east in the constellation of the Lion.



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