Early winter.

September, 10th, 2012.

     Last night the first winter storm hit the island much to early and is now poundering my window as I write these words.  The storm is not expected to come down untill tomorrow after hammering the island for two days.  Fierce freezing artic storm blowing from the north, bringing snow and freezing conditions on the north coast and into the highland causing wehicles to go offroad and getting stuck on the roads.  The wind peeling asphalt from the roads and breaking windows in vehicles.  Up to 50 cm snow on the ground on the north coast, powerlines down and the north part of the island running on candellights now.  But remember, the houses being heated with geothermal water from the ground so no lack of heat in buildings.

     Rescue teams have been called to duty and are now chasing corregated plates from roofs of buildings all over the island, cars stuck on the roads and the first rescue teams going inland to check on tourists still roaming around the highland, wery probable in dire straits by now.  I was staying in a mountain hut on the highland over the weekend with about 50 other foreign travellers in the hut and around 20 tents outside the hut.  Brave people but not realising what was on the way.  The rescue teams now the only hope for many of these travellers.

     This storm far to early to be arriving now, the trees and nature still in summer's outfit and not ready for this any more than we men.  Not to mention the sheeps still roaming around the highland.

      A super jeep definetly a help on a day like this.Smile


September, 11th, 2012.

     Well, not so bad news today after the storm.  Around 80 powerline poles broken and power still out on parts on the northcoast not to be fully restored until after 2 days.  Thousands of sheeps buried in snow on the highland and farmers and rescue workers working hard to collect them from the snow.  The best part from the news is that no one was injured from this ordeal.  This weather is unusual for this time of the year but should remind us that anything can happen and to follow the weather forecast when travelling.


     Then on this date it is proper to remember that not all catastrophe originate from nature but no less from our men. 


September, 16th, 2012.

     Today a Canadian couple was rescued from a mountain hut after spending a week in the hut unexpected.  They had got caught in the snowstorm last Sunday and barely managed to get to the hut were they were stuck in the snow for a week.  The couple had spent the week marking a gigantic SOS in the snow, hoisting a jacket to the flagpole and a red carpet on the roof of the hut and had cut their foodstuffs into rations to last for 30 days.  They were though relieved when they found out that according to the guestbook in the hut, people were coming to the hut even in wintertime.  And eventualy, a group of people from the rescue team in Akureyri came today on a leisure trip to the hut and found the couple.

     Perhaps not so bad of a thing for the couple to spend a week alone in the warm mountain hut in the fresh snow, not to mention having a warm natural geothermal pool beside the hut...  Definetively beating the television programs. Wink


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