Lost and found.

August, 26th, 2012.

     A vast rescue effort was set afoot yesterday when a tourist did not return to a bus inland on the south coast after a scheduled one hour walk in no man's land.  150 members of the local rescue team were walking the area into the night with the support of a Coast Guard chopper, but all in vain.  The situation was getting desperate as it had been a rainy day and the autumn's first night frost expected on the highland. 

     Then finally at 03:00 am, the exhausted rescuers found out that the lost person, a lady around 30 years old, actually was participating in the search with the rest of the passangers on the bus and had been drinking hot chocolate and soup with the rescue posse the whole time searching for herself.

     What happened is that the lady had returned to the bus a little early, wet from the rain and had changed her clothes, cleaned her face and combed her wet hair in a diffrent way than before so her travel companions did not recognize her and believed her to be missing.EekYell



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