Reykjavík cultural night.

August, 20th, 2012.

     So now Reykjavík has said farwell to summer and so are the villages one after the other.  Last saturday, 08.18.2012, Reykjavík held it's annual cultural night with bravour.  According to Reykjavík police 50.000 people gathered downtown for all kinds of happenings, a variety of art's exhibitions, concerts of all kinds and open private homes, welcoming bypassers in the streets by serving free pancakes and waffels.  In the evening a concert and a fireworks display.

     The highlights of the day and the night for many were though various concerts given by Russel Crowe and his friend Alan Doyle but Crowe has been spending the summer on the island filming "Noah" on the southern part of the island.  A welcomed secret performer sneaking up on stage with Crowe, Patty Smith performing her song "Because the night," Ben Stiller looming in the crowd.  Tom Cruise just off the island after spending most of the summer on the island.



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