Winter - spring... summer 2013...?

April, the 27th, 2013.


The first migrating birds finally showed up on the island, The Golden Plover, The Black Tailed Godwith, The Arctic Tern, The Goose and others...  These birds on the other hand, must stay on the south part of the island for the north part of the island is still locked in winter, covered in heavy snow and sign of spring or summer nowhere to be seen.  According to the weather station one of the hardest spring on the north part of the island for decades.  Also we should remember that we have like 10.000 sheeps buried in the snow on the north coast since last september blizzard, all more or less in sheep heaven by now.


This will result in the roads into the highland, and others will open late and perhaps not untill late june - july.  Camping places open for service... well who knows... perhaps not untill late june.


So take care those of you travelling to the north part of the island.


May, the 8th, 2013.

Finally a summer's day to show up in Reykjavík.  A nice T-shirt day on my balcony barbecuing.  The weatherman on the other hand not promising the summer yet and definitely not on the north part of the island.  So, bring a T-shirt and some warm clothing for colder inland and lets go on a super jeep tour...  Brrrr......

May, the 9th, 2013.

Well, the news today...

The farmers on the North Coast sending a distress signal to the Governement for the situation on the north part of the island.  This half of the island just covered in snow, the heyfields frosen and severly damaged from frostbite and the prospects for summer not to good.  The folks at Landsvirkjun, the island's state power company sending a warning signal for the power stations resevoirs on the north part are about to empty for the glaciers have not started to melt for the frost on the island's north part.  The metal smelters on the island have been asked to slow operations down for this reason.

And then this morning a series of earthquakes opened up in Reykjanes Peninsula, just our of Reykjavík.  An 4,1 Ricter earthquake startet the period this morning at 10:49 and then at 17:10 a 4,0 and at 18:05 a 4,2 followed.  The earquakes were felt here in Reykjavík just a little bit.

Perhaps a shaky night for me tonight...?  Well see...!


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