Summer tours

Summer tour in Iceland...  Glacier hiking, snowmobiling, river rafting, jet boat rides, horseback riding, hikes and just enjoying the nature.

For accomodation we have choises.

We can take the traditional accomodation at the guesthouses / hotels we find on the way.  Over summer these can be full so advisible it is to secure accomodation early in your planning.

Another choise we have on accomodation and perhaps the nicest one to my opinion.  We take the Coleman Cheyenne folding trailor, hook it to our super jeep and use the nicest campings we find on the way.  I know where these camping are to be found and only the nicest we use.  Others we skip.  This is a choise to be considered thoroughly.  To take accomodation in the nature, in the heated trailor, hot and cold water, stoping at the nicest outdoor swimming pools we find on the way.  I take the night in my tent.  Perfect I would say for you nature lovers, not to mention, taking the tour's cost down a little.

We do the barbecuing our selves at the nature campings, perhaps blending in with our neighbours... if any...  Perfect for kids.

We could do a tour like this:

Day one:

We take a South Coast Tour the first day and then accomodation at the nature camping in Þjórsárdalur for the barbecue.

Day two:

We leave the trailor at the camping, take a highland drive to Landmannalaugar nature reserve.  We visit the islands second highest waterfall and on our way back to the camping we stop by at a unique nature swimming pool on the way to our barbecue again.

Day three:

Now we pick up our trailer and go on the tracks of the Golden Circle Tour to return to your hotel in Reykjavik.

If you want more we can add to the tour:

At the end of the Golden Circle Tour on day three we take acccomodation at the camping in Húsafell.  There we find the nicest of an outdoor swimmingpool to visit and then... we'll barbecue time once again unless we want to visit the camping restaurant.

Day four:

Now we pack up our trailor and leave it to be and take the drive out to Snæfellsnes National Park where we spend the day.  Then the drive back to your hotel in Reykjavik.

There are few obstacles to how we can create tours like that.  On a two day tour or round the island we can go.  This is your desicion to make.












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