Winter tours

Winter tour in Iceland...  Well... interesting and fun it can be.  Glacier hiking, snowmobiling and just enjoying the nature.  This is still something that needs to be done the right / safe way.

Winter in Iceland is to be taken seriously.  We are close to the Artic Circle and fierce winter storms can brew up.  The rescue teams volunteers busy over winter picking up tourist's in dire straits in rental cars.  Tours over the peak of winter can never be more than a plan.  There we enjoy the flexibility we have with a private operator like me, to be able to alter our schedule.

For our tours we use only the best and safest means of transportation.

Our super jeep is equipped with new heavily studded winter tires for secure drive on icy roads.  Costly tires but only the best is good enough.  The more snow, the more fun.

The bus we use the same, on studded tires for safety on icy roads.








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