Reykjavík city tour.

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Duration: 3 - 4 hours.



   Whale vatching.

   Cycling tour.

   Horse back riding tour.

   The Blue Lagoon.

   Perhaps a dip into to one of the city's geothermal

   heated outdoor swimming pools.


A tour around Reykjavík visiting The Pearl, a viewing platform on top of five large watertanks containing geothermal boiling water ready to heat up the town of Reykjavík and a geothermal man made beach for the youngsters of Reykjavík to use on a summer's day.  A drive up to Bessastaðir, the precident's resident perhaps timely for a pancake or a waffel with the first lady... and then a visit to the island's largest church and a drive up to a mountain top inside Reykjavík for the wiev.  A drive around the harbour and then into the City Center for a short walk... and now the highlight of the tour... a visit to Reykjavík's old hot dog stand, a place becoming one ot the island's best known landmark.  Perhaps to order "A Clinton" but the ex president honored the stand with a visit in 2004 having only mustard to go with his dog.  What the secret service officials had with their dogs is a highly guarded secret of course and not known to the public.

A perfect to end a tour like that in one of the city's swimmingpools or a trip out to The Blue Lagoon.

On the tour we can visit The National Museum for Cultural Heritage to have a look at some of the old skinbooks dating from the Viking Age.  Take a leisurly walk around the city's center and perhaps visit Reykjavík 871+-2, an exhibition of an excavation of an old viking house found in the center of Reykjavík.


An old Icelandic song sung by Fóstbræður mens choir.  The song, "Brennið þið vitar" or "Burn you lighthouses" though has nothing to do with burning lighhouses... This is a song of sailors sailing their's ship through a fiers storm and like calling out to the lighthouses to burn and give them a sign of hope in the storm.



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