Þingvellir Nat. Park and The Blue Lagoon


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Duration: 5 - 7 hours.

Route 320 km / 10% Offroad.



   ATV's tour.

   Horseback Riding.

   The Blue Lagoon.


Well, the two jewels in the vicinity of Reykjavík.

A tour taking us initially on a drive up to a mountain top inside Reykjavík for a splendid wiev over the capital. Then eastbound towards Hengill, a central volcano in the vicinity of Reykjavík for a bit more off-road drive.  At the volcano we can visit a geothermal powerplant and a short visit for a cup of Cappuccino at a luxurious nature hotel standing sole in the slopes of the volcano with the powerplant.  On we go into Þingvellir National Park and around the island‘s largest natural lake, sitting in a grabben midst in the rift of The Mid Atlantic Ridge. In the park we can distintively see the edges of the American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Here we also find the islands most sacred place, the birthplace of Alþingi, the worlds oldest parlament and the birthplace of Christianity in Iceland. Then we drive on to visit The Bowl, a nicely formed volcanic crator easily accessible. Now we have the opportunity for a stop at a nice restaurant at Redwing Forest, (call it a bush... for all I care... but forest it is...Yell) if not for anything more than an icecream.

Now we can take on to 3 legs to finish the tour... A - B - or C.  Your choice... and something you can simply decide when there unless a swimsuit must be along on tour A...  Truly a full day...


A.  We can take like a 3 hours walk into a Geothermal Valley just up from a geothermal village we can wisit but at the end of the valley we find a natural pool we could take a dip in but for that you would have to bring a swimmsuit and a towel.  Instead of the walk we can have horses to take us on a ride around the village. Then afterwards a drive up to a flat central volcano top were we take to a little offroad driving and then the 30 min drive back to your hotel or ship.


B.  Another option for the last leg. We head on to The Blue Lagoon for a lull in the geothermal water.  On the way we can visit a geothermal area, drive down to a black sand beach to throw stones into the Atlantic and then through a lavafield to the lagoon. Then after your time in the lagoon the drive back to Reykjavík.


C.  We also have the opportunity to end the tour with a visit to a very nice restaurant The Blue Ocean, a restaurant standing sole on the black sand beach with a superb wiev out to the open ocean, to enjoy the delicious lobster soup they serve. Mmmmmm… something your guide and his cat definitely recommends. Then the route back to Reykjavík.


 *** For you rockers... Sólstafir... "Fjara - Low tide."   This is as far as he will go.  He's been betrayed... his heart is pumping tears... darkness ahead...



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