West Coast and Highland.

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Duration: 7 - 10 hours.

Route 350 km / 50 % Offroad.




   Dog sledding.

   ehhh... a glacier snowball fight.


A tour taking us on a drive into the large fjord just north of Reykjavík were in WWII ships coming sailing from the US used to form up before sailing on in convoys to the UK or Murmansk in the USSR.


Then over a mountain pass and on to our   first stop, Deildatunguhver, Europe‘s watermost geothermal   spring. On we drive inland to Hraunfossar / Barnafossar, a beautiful waterfall we find falling from the edge of a lavafield.   Now a stop at Húsafell, the islands most popular camping for a lunch at the restaurant. In the camping we find a perfect geothermal outdoor swimningpool were we can take a dip if prefered (highly recommended by your guide.) Then it‘s time to let some air out of our tires and to go offroad onto a highland track into no man‘s land. There we find Surtshellir, the islands largest cave were we make a stop to have a quick look   through it‘s broken roof.


Then a drive up to the root‘s of Langjökull, the island‘s second largest glacier perhaps to make a snowball to throw at somebody you know (except the high ranking official your guide of course but such an activity is considered to be a serious offend on the island.)   Here we have the chance to go on a snowmobile- or an ice cave tour .

On we drive through this weatherbeaten old glaciervalley which was formed during the last ice age. Soft halfinflated tires a great help on such an embarkment.   The drive takes us eventually to Þingvellir National Park, situated in a grabben in the center of The Mid Atlantic Ridge.  As the birthplace of  The Icelandic Parlament Althingi, the world's oldest parlament and the birthplace of Christianity on the island, considered to be the island‘s most sacred place.

Then the 45 min drive to your hotel in Reykjavík timely for your reserved table at a nice restaurant.

 *** A song from one this years rainy summer..."   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxCIzsrql2U



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