Golden Circle

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Duration: 7 hours.

Route 300 - 350 km.




   Artic River Rafting.

   Jet Boat Ride on a Glacier River.

   Horseback Riding.


By far the most popular daytour to take when in Iceland. The tour takes us along the island‘s largest agricultural area and to the threshold of the highland.  We‘ll visit The Geysir Hot Spring Area, Gullfoss - The Golden Waterfall and eventually Þingvellir National Park.


At the hot spring area we find this constantly active geyser Strokkur – Piston, but at   approx. 7-10 min interval the geyser sprouts a half a ton of boiling water 25 meters into the air.


The Golden Waterfall falls 33 meters in two steps into a canyon which was formed when an icy glacier lagoon bursted inland at the end of last ice age 10.000 years ago.


The Þingvellir National Park surrounds the island‘s largest natural lake laying in a grabben in the center of the rift of The Mid Atlantic Ridge between the two continental plates, The American- and The Eurasian Tectonic Plates. Placed in 2000 on UNESCO‘s World Heritage List for it‘s historical role as the birthplace of the world‘s oldest parlament.  In the park we can distinctively see the two edges of the tectonic plate. Now I‘m in Europe… now I‘m in America…


A perfect tour for a variety of activity… and perhaps a dinner at Kolabrautin restaurant.


 ***  Just for fun... here you have a nice song with Westmannaeyjar fishing village marching band and The Fjallabræður Coir asking the question what keeps folks in a remote village like that "Is it the Ocean or the Mountains... that draws me to this place... or is it... perhaps the folks... living here." 




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