Reykjavík - Reykjanes - Blue Lagoon

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Duration: 5 - 8 hours.

Route 180 km + Lagoon time / 10% Offroad.



   ATV's tours.

   Horseback Riding.


We have the possibility to start the tour with a Reykjavík City Tour if preferred.  Then like 30 - 40 min drive through the lava and onto the Mid Atlantic Ridge to the Blue Lagoon sitting there in the center of the rift.

A visit to the Blue Lagoon is a popular stop for tourists to take on the last day of their visit to the island.  Only a short detour from the route that takes us to and from the International Airport you'll be using and a perfect visit to take for those of you having an afternoon departure flight.  One of world's 25 wonders according to National Geographic.

A daytour would start with a city tour around Reykjavík, if not already taken and then on to the lava covered Reykjanes Peninsula.  On our drive we get to visit a viking museum containing a viking ship replica.  Then we drive on past a small fishing hamlet which actually was one of the world's most important strategic points during the Cold War period and heavily garded by US / NATO troops at the time.  We can visit the bridge between the continents, drive out ot a sand beach and a out to some sea cliffs for the ocean's waves if lucky and the weather is not to good.  We pay a visit to Gunnuhver hot spring, named after a trolless named Gunna but her remains are resting at the bottom of the spring.

Now we have the opportunity to go on an ATV's tour in the lava and on the black sand if up to such an activity.  Then on to The Blue Lagoon for a lull in the geothermal water and for the silica mud in the lagoon which is suposed to have good effect on our skin.

Then the trip to the international airport for the farwell ceremony or a return trip to Reykjavík perhaps for a visit to Grillhúsið restaurant, perhaps not the city's fanciest restaurant but according to TripAdvisor, the city's best.


 *** Another camping somewhere in Iceland...



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