Snæfellsnes National Park

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Duration: 8 - 12 hours.

Route 450 - 550 km.





The tour starts with a drive along the aprox. 30 km long fjord north of Reykjavík where in WWII the ships sailing from US used to form up in convoys before sailing to UK or Murmansk in the USSR.


Then over a pass and on north along the west coast to visit a hot spring on the way. Eventually out to The Snæfellsnes Peninsula where at the tip we find this nicely   formed strato volcano Snæfellsjökull to visit in The National Park. According to the French author Jules Verne this is where we find The Entrance to the Center of the Earth. Such a tour would sadly extend our tour a few days so this needs to be booked another day.


On the way to The National Park we get to visit a beach where seals are known to hangaround when not chasing capelin or herring out at sea.


Now finally the nicest part of the trip... lunch... at a nice hotel standing sole on the beach (unless taking the seafood soup a little later on the tour) and after lunch a short walk onto the yellow sand beach we find in the black lava surrounding the hotel.


On we go to visit the hamlet of Arnarstapi where we can walk on to beautiful seacliffs, getting in such proximity with the seabirds we can allmost touch them... and if the waves of the Atlantic would brew up... beware.


From the cliffs we have the opportunity to take 2,5 km (30 min) hike through a lavafield on to a small cove where we find the smallest restaurant on the beach, famous for it‘s delicious seafood soup. The recepie‘s no secret for a well known song has been sung about the soups recipie where the main ingredient seems to be love.


Then on to another cliff for a view of it‘s two volcanic plugs standing out in the ocean.


Finally the last stop at a black sand beach where we find four stones which in the middle ages were used to test fishermen‘s strength before they could be hired out to the boats. You can of course take your turn but mind your back. Then the return drive back to the emergency ward in Reykjavík for a treatment of the back injuries... well, perhaps rather in time for a nice restaurant instead like The Seafood Grill, but mind, a bit of a daytour if nothing is to be missed or activity to be taken... but shurely a nicety and worth every minute spent.


*** The viking rock band... Skálmöld... "Kvaðning - Call to arms."  Listen into the song, the guitar soloist does his thing shamelessly... like if you go to the 6th minute.  So... pick up your arms and get ready...  NOW...



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