South Coast

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Duration: 8 - 10 hours.

Route 450 km.



   Glacier hike.

   Horseback Riding.


A trip taking us eastbound along the South Coast towards the infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano you know so well (cough…) from 2010 when it brought all flights in Northern Europe to a halt.

At the roots of the volcano we visit Seljalandsfoss waterfall were we take a walk behind the falling stream. Then onward to the next Skógafoss waterfall, plunging down 60 meters in a free fall. By the waterfall we find some old turfhouses now being displayed as a part of a museum. If desired we can visit the museum and if lucky we‘ll meet the museum‘s curator mr. Þórður Tómasson and perhaps we can persuade him to do something nice for us if he has the time.

Then up to Sólheimajökull Running Glacier for a Glacier Walk if desired. Then on to this 110 meters high headland standing out to the world‘s longest black sand beach.   Still mind the headland can be closed like late may and early june due to birdlife preservation. We pay a visit to a nice beach and then the return trip to R.vík.

On the way we find a large beach to visit the wreck of an old US NAVY DC3 plane which made an emergency landing on the sand in november 24th, 1973.

*** Then another song... a song recorded at the annual festivities in Westman islands last august.  Fishermen and farmers joining hands... Just be in contact if you want to be there this years august... if the ferry ride not already not sold out.



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