What's up 2019


Except for my birthday... well... some things are up in 2019.  You can have a look at venues in Harpa, Reykjavík's finest concert hall or at Midi.is (Ticket.is).



Aldrei fór ég suður.  A rock festival in the village of Isafjörður on the N-V peninsula of the island.  An every year event and quite popular by the folks in the island's music industry.  Here you have a song from this festival including photos from the event.


May - June.

Reykjavík's art festival.  Some arty days in Reykjavík.  You can read about this event here.


June, 17th.

National Day.   Beware of marching bands, flying balloons and town's mayors in the streets.


June,   21st.

Solstice. St. John‘s mass, the longest day of the year.  24 hours daylight in Iceland. Lots of magical things taking place in the nature, cows talking... well icelandic I supose... in the cowsheds, the seals turning into humans for one night and coming ashore, stones with healing powers floating up in waters and the most important thing for us to do, to roll naked in the dew during the night to protect us agains illnesses and other bad things to happen.  Just make shure you are alone... running around naked in public is an offence you know... Eek



Bræðslan / The fish factory.  A unique musical / rock concert taking place in the remote village of Borgarfjörður-Eystri.  Definitely the place to be for you music lovers.


July - August.

Bankers Hollyday. Icelanders take out to camping for a long and lively weekend. Guitar and perhaps a snapps helps a lot... or perhaps earplugs.  Definitely the most lively weekend in Iceland and an opportuntity to meet Icelanders as they come.  The main festivities taking place on The Westman Islands just of the south coast.  Something like 15 - 18.000 people attending to the festivities in the valley just out of the village.  A nice song from the event...  The song performed by the village marching band and Fjallabræður (Mountain brothers) performing in the valley.  Fishermen and farmers joining hands...



Reykjavík Cultural Night.  Definitely the weekend to visit Reykjavík. The day starts with The Reykjavík Marathon and then various cultural events through the day and   eventually a large outdoor rock/pop concert downtown and a fireworks display.  Mind, I would not be surprised it could be hard finding accomodation in Reykjavík as the event draws up on the calendar.



Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.  The staff operating the the lagoon sailing saying farwell to summer. The area‘s rescue team lighting up the icebergs in the lagoon and giving us a fireworks display. Then a ball to mix folks into the night.  Of course this had to have the same date as Ryekjavík Cultural Night. Sad



Iceland Airwaves.   Rock festival in Reykjavík and be advised, tickets will be sold out early.






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